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Sharing tips on how to tackle youth loneliness 

Youth loneliness can have a negative impact on young people’s mental wellbeing. That is why we wanted to share some tips, as suggested by young people on our Lonely Not Alone universe, to help reduce feelings of loneliness this Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Learning from young people to tackle the stigma of loneliness

We believe long-term change happens when lived experience is put at the heart of decision making and when under-represented voices are raised so they can influence change. 

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Connecting through constellations

Lonely Not Alone 2021 was a big step forward for us and we learned lots about campaigning and working with young people.

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Lonely Not Alone – We’re making a difference

More than 3.1m young people have seen Lonely Not Alone and 97% of this group have taken an action, too.

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Where there’s #iwill there’s a way

Our #iwill Fund partnership with The National Lottery Community Fund and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is our oldest such collaboration. We’re proud to have supported partners to engage young people in high quality social action since mid-2018.

As we mark #iwill Week 2021 – and as we launch our #iwill Fund interim learning report – we look back on this partnership and review what we’ve achieved and learned, particularly in the past year.

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One small step is a giant leap forward for lonely young people

Our CEO, Nick, blogs about our 2021 Lonely Not Alone experience. The universe goes on forever. Loneliness doesn’t have to.

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Let’s create a kinder society for young people to thrive

Co-op Foundation CEO, Nick Crofts, explores our new research into youth loneliness.

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Lonely Not Alone returns on 14 October, and here’s how you can help

We’re heading into the Lonely Not Alone universe in 2021, where we are all stars connected by our shared experiences. Will you join us?

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Guest blog: How to help young people unearth lived experience (part 3 / 3)

In her final guest blog, Eloïse Malone from our Lonely Not Alone campaign partner, Effervescent, discusses how to help young people unearth their lived experience so you can best connect with audiences through creative campaigns.

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Guest blog: Why social action by young people with lived experience is so important (part 2 / 3)

In her second blog on collaborative creativity with young people, Eloïse Malone from our Lonely Not Alone partner, Effervescent, talks about the importance of lived experience in social action projects.

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Guest blog: What is ‘lived experience’ and why does collaborative creativity make change happen? (part 1 / 3)

As part of Loneliness Awareness Week, Ellie Malone from our Lonely Not Alone partner, Effervescent, discusses the importance of lived experience in creating truthful and engaging youth campaigns.

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Helping our partners react in real time to Covid

We share insights from NPC’s evaluation into our Building Connections Fund tackling youth loneliness

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Putting our hearts and minds into Lonely Not Alone 2021

Young people are meeting this week to come up with creative ideas for our 2021 Lonely Not Alone campaign

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We’re looking for young people to help build this year’s Lonely Not Alone campaign

We’re looking for young volunteers to apply to be part of Lonely Not Alone 2021. Can you help? Applications close on 16 March 2021.

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Wear yellow socks to show you care about youth loneliness

Our In This Together research found only 23% of young people think society treats youth loneliness seriously.

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