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Impact and Learning Review 2017-19

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We re-launched the Co-op Foundation in 2017 with a mission to help disadvantaged communities to overcome their challenges by putting co-operative values into practice.

This is how we got on.

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Our highlights
Young people
beating loneliness

Young people feel lonely more than any other age group. We’ve awarded more than £6.5m of grants to help young people beat loneliness since 2017. We’ve also helped to create resources and networks to embed our learning longer term.

Watch how our #iwill Fund is supporting young people to help each other beat loneliness on the move up to secondary school.

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Our Impact so far...
Based on outcomes reported by Belong projects 2017-19
Image: Lonely not alone

Our 2019 research showed young people want to beat loneliness for themselves and their peers, but stigma is a problem. A group of 11 to 22-year-olds created the Lonely Not Alone campaign to tackle this and help us all show we care.

Watch our video to see how yellow socks can help!

Get involved
Get involved

We’ve also been investing in local spaces that bring people together, building stronger communities where people can connect and co-operate.

Watch how our interest-free loan helped Grangetown United.

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Values in action
Our values guide the way we work and the difference we make. Click each value to see what they mean for us.
Funding our growth
We've focused on developing strategic partnerships to help grow our income since 2017, and Co-op Members have helped us, too
£6.8m raised from match-funding partnerships
£500k raised for Belong by Co-op Members through the Local Community Fund

Co-op Members can help us do even more by choosing us as their new Local Cause

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“And we’ve learned a lot, too”
I was blown away by how authentic the ideas were for Lonely Not Alone...young people really are the experts on the issues that affect them, and we should put them in charge more often.
Andy Mortimer,
Communications Manager
We’ve seen that flexible and patient funding can bring really positive outcomes for community organisations. We now need to explore how we can continue to offer groups the support they need in a way that is sustainable for us as a funder.
Ella Smyth,
Programmes & Partnerships Advisor
Over the past three years, we’ve explored which aspects of our volunteering offer were most effective in developing communities’ own skills. We’ll reflect on everything we’ve learned as we develop new plans to support organisations that best understand and represent the communities they serve.
Jill Wells,
Programmes & Partnerships Manager