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Young people are influencing decisions at Co-op Foundation

In the run up to International Youth Day on 12 August, we’re highlighting how young people are taking the lead at Co-op Foundation, ahead of our new strategy launch later this year.

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Climate change conversations: Q&A with Co-op Foundation and ACF  

In this blog, Aruna, Funding & Partnerships Manager at Co-op Foundation, and Joanna, Senior Policy and Engagement Officer at ACF, chat all things climate change, and the Funder Commitment on Climate Change.

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Introducing partners from our £3m Carbon Innovation Fund 

Our new £1.3m investment is helping to reduce carbon emissions all the way from Shropshire to the Galapagos Islands

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Partnering with the Astra Foundation to combat youth loneliness and boost mental wellbeing 

Doubling our impact through working in partnership with the Astra Foundation.

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Apply to be a Co-op Local Community Fund cause

Our friends at Co-op are inviting local groups that benefit communities to apply to be a Co-op Local Cause. Successful applicants will receive a minimum of £1,000 and partner with Co-op for 12 months.

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Sharing tips on how to tackle youth loneliness 

Youth loneliness can have a negative impact on young people’s mental wellbeing. That is why we wanted to share some tips, as suggested by young people on our Lonely Not Alone universe, to help reduce feelings of loneliness this Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Learning from those with lived experience

Nick Crofts, CEO of the Co-op Foundation recently visited Refugee Action in Bradford. Here’s what he learnt from his visit.

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Proud to help Co-op Members show solidarity with Ukraine

Co-op Members can now donate the Rewards they earn in store to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, through the Co-op Foundation

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Learning from young people to tackle the stigma of loneliness

We believe long-term change happens when lived experience is put at the heart of decision making and when under-represented voices are raised so they can influence change. 

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Connecting through constellations

Lonely Not Alone 2021 was a big step forward for us and we learned lots about campaigning and working with young people.

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Laying the Foundations for an exciting 2022

Co-op Foundation CEO, Nick, blogs about our impact and learning in 2021 and looks forward to an exciting year ahead.

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Flexible funding matters

We care deeply about how our funding can empower people. That’s why we made eight pledges to be a better funder in 2021 through IVAR.

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Using what we learn to become a better funder

We learned lots about how young people tackle youth loneliness and improve mental wellbeing as part of our Building Connections Fund.

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Lonely Not Alone – We’re making a difference

More than 3.1m young people have seen Lonely Not Alone and 97% of this group have taken an action, too.

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Staying social despite the distance

Community spaces lie at the heart of local areas. They provide a place for people to connect, co-operate and develop support networks.

This is why, in 2019, the Co-op Foundation launched ‘Space to Connect’ – a £1.6m partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to fund organisations that wanted to improve and protect local spaces and reduce social isolation. It ran between until 2021 and supported 57 community organisations. Projects ranged from community trusts to youth clubs, arts centres, and city farms.

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