Lonely Not Alone

A campaign by young people for young people to help us all show we care about youth loneliness.
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Starting a national conversation that breaks down the stigma of youth loneliness is our third Belong aim.

Seven in 10 young people (71%are lonely at least occasionally but less than a quarter (23%) think society treats it seriously. 

Back for a second year, our 2020 Lonely Not Alone campaign aims to tackle this by showing lonely young people everywhere that they might be lonely, but they’re not alone. 

Get involved by: 

  • Choose your own Outfit of the Day featuring yellow socks. Take a selfie, share it on social media with the hashtag #OOTDYellowSocks and tag us @LonelyNotAlone (you can explain why you’re getting involved too if you like) 
  • Read our research into loneliness in lockdown and beyond for 10 to 25-year-olds. We spoke to 2,000 UK-wide. 

Lonely Not Alone is made by young people for young people. Yellow socks are their symbol of solidarity. 

It’s hard being lonely, but we’re in this together.

Read our research

Show you stand with lonely young people

Our young creatives feature in this beautiful film about loneliness. Watch and follow Lonely Not Alone on Instagram to see the rest of our content, all made by young people.
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Our partners

Thank you to all the young people who gave up their time and shared their experiences of loneliness to create ‘Lonely Not Alone’.

Thank you also to our creative co-designers, Effervescent.