Lonely Not Alone

A campaign co-designed with young people to tackle the stigma of youth loneliness and improve mental wellbeing.
Our digital universe

Lonely Not Alone is back for its fourth year in 2022.  

We want to help young people feel more confident talking about loneliness to help improve their mental wellbeing. Our campaign is helping to deliver on Co-op’s vision of Co-operating for a Fairer World. 

Last year, we encouraged young people to visit a digital universe to share the one small step they’ve taken to tackle loneliness. Every story is added as a star in a constellation of shared experiences. 

Read why our young co-designers chose this as their 2021 experience. 

The impact of Lonely Not Alone 2021: 

  • 3.1m young people have now seen Lonely Not Alone and 97% of them have taken an action as a result
  • Young people who’ve seen Lonely Not Alone are three times more likely to say they believe society is now taking youth loneliness seriously
  • Seven out of 10 young people who recognise the campaign say they feel less alone in their loneliness after seeing it
  • Young people who’ve seen Lonely Not Alone are almost 20% more likely to say they feel comfortable asking for help with their loneliness

Read our One Small Step research to find out more about why Lonely Not Alone matters. 

Get involved in Lonely Not Alone: 

  • If you’re aged 25 or under, visit our website to read and share stories of the one small step young people have taken to beat loneliness. 
  • If you’re aged over 25, share our experience in your networks or promote us on social media using suggested messages and assets. If you run a youth project, download our youth work pack to help you speak to young people. 
  • If you have any questions, please email our Campaign Manager, Sophie Beresford.

One small step is a giant leap forward for tackling youth loneliness. 

The universe goes on forever. Loneliness doesn’t have to. 

Our partners

Thank you to all the young people who gave up their time and shared their experiences of loneliness to create ‘Lonely Not Alone’.

Thank you also to our creative co-designers, Effervescent.