Lonely Not Alone

A youth-led campaign to tackle the stigma of youth loneliness
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Starting a national conversation that breaks down the stigma of youth loneliness is our third Belong aim.

Young people say they feel lonely more often than any other age group, but our research shows that only a quarter (26%) are confident talking about it, and even less (23%) think society takes it seriously.

Young people created ‘Lonely Not Alone’ to tackle this, and to help everyone show they care about youth loneliness.

Get involved in this campaign by wearing yellow socks and posting your picture online using #LonelyNotAlone.

Our young creatives chose this idea because when they felt lonely, they would often avoid people’s eyes and look to the floor. Yellow socks would be semi-hidden, like loneliness, but also a ray of hope and a flash of colour to remind them that other people care.

Take part when you like and where you like, because every time you do, you’re showing that youth loneliness matters.


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Sometimes, just knowing you're not on your own can help

Young people created this animation to show how any young person can feel lonely, but everybody can help just by wearing yellow socks. Watch and share so more young people can see that youth loneliness matters.

Our partners

Thank you to all the young people who gave up their time and shared their experiences of loneliness to create ‘Lonely Not Alone’.

Thank you also to our creative co-designers, Effervescent, and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, for part-funding this campaign.