We want to turn learning into actions for greater impact

Our learning and measuring impact are underpinned by our co-operative values. How we learn is as important as what we learn. 

We want to understand where we are making a difference, what works in what context, identify gaps and target our support. We are a reflective funder that believes in continuous improvement as an organisation.  

We support our grantees in learning and measuring impact for their own benefit, to improve their practice and foster opportunities for peer learning. Our expectations of partners are proportionate and set in the context of transparent, open and trusting relationships.  

We embed diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in our learning, monitoring and evaluation. We commission diverse teams to measure impact and employ participatory and culturally appropriate methodologies.  

With our learning, we want to shape and shift grantmakers’ practice in unrestricted funding, participatory grantmaking and funding individuals.

Read our blogs and research to find out more how we develop, test and iterate our approaches to giving funds and campaigning.  You can also learn in from our 2022-27 theory of change or check out our #FutureCommunities learning podcast.