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Long Wood Community Woodland

Long Wood Community Woodland manages a woodland that the local community can use and enjoy. Our funding has enabled them to purchase a professional saw mill and employ a saw miller to support sustainable woodland management and develop new income streams.

Welcome to Our Woods

Manages woodlands and open spaces for the benefit of ecology and local people. We are supporting costs for a new biomass and timber recycling social enterprise that will create sustainable funds for the organisation and help the environment.

Rotherham Rise

A charity supporting people who have been affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence. We are supporting costs for a café and community space that raises sustainable funds and offers people a chance to meet and socialise.

Future Regeneration of Grangetown (FROG)

A neighbourhood development organisation. We are supporting start-up costs to bring a recently-refurbished former social club back to life as a mixed-use community facility.

White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures

A community-focused organisation regenerating the White Rock area of Hastings. We are supporting the refurbishment of the Observer Building that will offer space for community activities, events, leisure and affordable accommodation.

Jubilee Co-op

The first community-owned agriculture organisation in Northern Ireland. We have supported the purchase of the land and farmhouse where they can offer volunteering opportunities, and farming and skills sessions for asylum seekers.


Local anchor organisation that runs a mixed-use community hub on a housing estate. We are supporting the development of a new ‘first floor’ space to help incubate community businesses and facilitate skills sharing.

11th Folkestone Scouts

Our funding is supporting improvements to the scout hall so they can offer better facilities to young people and more opportunities for the community to use and enjoy the building.

Jubilee Pool Penzance

Community organisation that manages Jubilee Pool lido. We are supporting costs for the lido’s new community space that has a focus on health and wellbeing. A geothermal well is also being drilled to provide a year-round offer for the community.

Oban Communities Trust

A community organisation bringing Oban’s former Rockfield Primary School back to life as the Rockfield Centre – the island’s first mixed-use community and arts hub. We are supporting build and refurbishment costs.