South East

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Walled Garden Project

Restoring a derelict, Victorian walled garden back to its former splendour to create a community owned shop, post office and cafe within its grounds.

Full Circle

Engaging 10 local schools to discuss ways to open up school spaces for the benefit of the wider community.

Sussex Community Development Association

Supports the refurbishment of a new community centre, completing the transformation from an older people’s day-centre to a multi-purpose community asset.

Independent Arts

Will hold a series of creative and accessible community consultations with current and potential stakeholders to help guide their work on under-used spaces.


Will facilitate discussions with local people on how best to use community spaces and mobilise residents to take action. Plans to establish a steering group and regular meetings, and organise a community mapping walk.

Energise Sussex Coast

Will map potential community spaces in their local area and hold meetings with stakeholders to explore possible ventures. They will use community surveys, consultations and workshops to develop a business case for a Green Hub.


Will hold public conversations through events and social media to capture the local community’s views and ideas for an under-utilised park. They will support local people to identify solutions, test ideas, and build a longer-term business case.

Chichester Community Development Trust

Community consultation and feedback surveys will help determine how a local building could be used to meet the needs of the community.

White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures

A community-focused organisation regenerating the White Rock area of Hastings. We are supporting the refurbishment of the Observer Building that will offer space for community activities, events, leisure and affordable accommodation.

11th Folkestone Scouts

Our funding is supporting improvements to the scout hall so they can offer better facilities to young people and more opportunities for the community to use and enjoy the building.

Future Wolverton

We helped Future Wolverton bring the Old School back to life as a community facility. Our funding supported the building of a small guest house and cafe that will provide a sustainable income. A partnership with a neighbouring SEN school provides work experience to students.


A community-led housing project developing 33 affordable, eco-friendly homes in Lewisham. We support salary and associated costs of an Operations Director who leads on delivering the new development.