Greater London

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Thames Chase Trust

Delivers community workshops to map local spaces and assets. Groups discuss how best to use spaces and give them better protection for the future. This project is being delivered by the Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership Scheme.

Bromley by Bow Centre

Our grant provides infrastructure support to develop sustainability across the centre’s community spaces as part of their timebanking and skill-swap projects.

Age UK East London

Will host a series of workshops within the local community hub to determine what local residents and young people would like to see in their area. The team will then link up with experts to help put this into practice.

Gascoyne & Morningside Youth Clubs Ltd

Aims to turn three under-used community centres into vibrant community hubs for local people. Conversations, consultations and planning exercises will ensure the spaces work for all.

Stonegrove Community Trust

Hosting a two-day community workshop to map how local assets might be utilised. Will then organise meetings with stakeholders who can work to make the spaces usable.

Voluntary Action Camden

Will run focus groups and events to examine how community spaces can be better used. This will lead to the creation of a Local Spaces Network to explore the potential of local spaces in Camden.

Young Barnet Foundation

Will hold six meetings across three hubs to explore opportunities for utilising spaces and collaborative working. Opportunities will be taken forward with local stakeholders to widen provision in the spaces.

African Health Policy Network

Fortnightly sessions in community hubs will engage BAME groups to decide how to best use local spaces to bring together vulnerable members of the community.

Barnet Community Projects

Running engagement and consultation with residents to shape plans for the future of the group’s community centre, which is being relocated.