Yorks & Humber

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Element Society

Funding to support better disability access to Yorkshire House, a mixed-use youth and community venue supporting youth social action. 

Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre

Community sports and leisure centre providing community events and opportunities for socialising to support all in our local community, emphasising working together for health and well-being. 

Halifax Opportunities Trust

Will carry out consultation events and produce a plan to redevelop a local centre that is currently dilapidated. Conversations will feed into architectural feasibility and design work.


Questionnaires and meetings with local stakeholders will encourage different groups of the community to work together. They will host events, meetings and activities to support the use of the community spaces.

Thornton and Allerton Community Association Ltd

Hosting consultation and engagement activities with the local community to better understand loneliness, social isolation and lack of social cohesion between communities. This will support the redevelopment of new local spaces and services.

Holbeck Elderly Aid

Will redevelop a church building to create a community hub that meets local needs. The group plans to facilitate local people to take the project forward by developing their skills and taking on leadership roles.

Rotherham Rise

A charity supporting people who have been affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence. We are supporting costs for a café and community space that raises sustainable funds and offers people a chance to meet and socialise.

Heeley Trust

Heeley Trust runs Heeley People’s Park for the community to use and enjoy. Our funding is supporting some immediate park maintenance, and the refurbishment of a bike recycling workshop that will generate profits to support the park long-term.