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Brings together disadvantaged young people to learn how to cook and helps them to organise a community cooking event that builds connections with local people. Also researching the impact of social action on youth loneliness. Projects supported through our #iwillFund.

Youth Focus: North East

We fund a number of Youth Focus: North East projects including the ‘Fast Friends’ drop-in, ‘Big Days’ events series (#iwill Fund) and ‘Community Hosting’. Young people are also researching into the impact of youth social action on loneliness (#iwill Fund).

Youth Cymru

Young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds will work across Wales to tackle loneliness through youth social action and help embed learning into national decision making.

Youth Action Northern Ireland

Young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds will develop skills and confidence by co-leading activities, including campaigns and employability workshops. Learning will help local youth organisations get better at tackling loneliness.

Young Scot

A design team of young people from more disadvantaged areas of Scotland will develop campaigns and resources to grow their own skills and help embed youth loneliness as a key national issue.


The “Youth Activist” programme trains young people with mental health difficulties to deliver community workshops that boost their own skills and confidence and raise awareness of mental health among peers. Supported through our #iwillFund.

YMCA Bradford

Unemployed young people are working together to co-develop ecotherapy activities, including walks, conservation and other outdoor activity, to reduce loneliness and explore barriers to employment.


Runs a national personal development programme to help young wheelchair users make friends, learn skills and take on leadership roles that boost their confidence.

UK Youth

Developed research to better understand how youth work contributes to addressing youth loneliness, and what additional support they could benefit from to better address the issue.


Runs “Journey to work” – a six-month programme of peer guidance and one-to-one support to help young people struggling with employment be better prepared for work. Supported through our #iwill fund.