Funder Commitment on Climate Change

We’re taking responsibility to be a more climate-focussed funder by signing the Association of Charitable Foundation (ACF)’s Funder Commitment on Climate Change (FCCC).

The FCCC is designed to recognise the growing climate emergency, and the risk this poses to funders’ pursuit of charitable aims.

Funders who sign the commitment assume responsibility to address climate change in the funding space and commit to work together to rise to the challenge.

By signing the six commitments, we hold ourselves accountable in playing our part.

The commitment follows the launch of our Carbon Innovation Fund, run in partnership with Co-op. This £3m fund will support organisations that aim to use innovation to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the food and farming sector.

The six commitments are:

  1. Educate and learn
  2. Commit resources
  3. Integrate
  4. Steward our investments for a post-carbon future
  5. Decarbonise our operations
  6. Report on progress

Read about the commitments in detail here.