The Federation Learning Report

Insights from our social enterprise programme exploring the impacts of technology
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We partnered with Luminate in 2018 on a three-year programme designed to look at the impacts of technology on society.  

This was made possible through a $940,000 grant from Luminate. We used this funding to: 

  • Support early-stage social enterprises that use technology to reduce inequality with funded desk space in a co-working hub. Here, partners could share learning, co-operate on joint ventures and increase each other’s impact. 
  • Facilitate public events that ask broader questions about the role of technology in society. This has eventually led to Noisy Cricket’s creation of the Greater Manchester Responsible Tech Collective, a collaborative group of organisations that are passionate about tackling issues, including racial inequality and data ethics. 
  • Empower local leaders to question the role of technology in society, and to start to find answers for their own communities through the Community Tech Fellowship programme. 

We’ve developed this learning report to look back at the achievements, highlights, challenges and learnings from the programme. The report is also designed to act as a resource for any individual or organisation interested in supporting early-stage social enterprises, particularly organisations that use digital technology, to achieve social impact and financial sustainability.  

This report is also for those interested in exploring the broader social and ethical impacts of technology. 

Next steps 

We’re delighted to have been awarded a continuation grant from Luminate to carry on supporting people affected by inequality to speak out and make change together. The next phase of the programme is grounded in our learning around capacity building, community building and collective action. Over the next two years, we will aim to support people across Greater Manchester to: 

  • Challenge the ways in which technology and data can reinforce existing inequalities. 
  • Co-operate to build trust and deliver digitally enabled products and services that are inclusive, respect people’s rights and safeguard their privacy. 

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