We're helping young people beat loneliness

We’ve been tackling youth loneliness through Belong since Co-op research found young people feel lonely more than any other age group.

Since 2017, we’ve built a UK-wide network of partners connecting and empowering young people to beat loneliness and begun to work with our partners to create resources that will help youth workers better identify and tackle loneliness.

Thanks to fundraising from our supporters and our partnerships with government and the #iwill Fund, we’ve now awarded £6.5m to our Belong partners to date. Read more in our Impact Report 2018.



We partnered with the #iwillFund on a £2m investment into tackling youth loneliness through youth social action in 2017. Over three years, we will fund projects that inspire young people in disadvantaged communities to make a positive difference in their communities as well as develop their own skills and confidence. Read our pledge.

Building Connections Fund Youth strand

We partnered with government on the £2m youth strand of the Building Connections Fund in 2018. We are using this fund to support projects for young people at the greatest risk of loneliness and developing tools and resources that will help hundreds more youth organisations tackle the issue more confidently. Due to unprecedented demand for funding, government awarded us a further £1.4m to help support another 144 projects that tackle youth loneliness by involving young people in designing improvements to local services and spaces.