a Stronger youth sector

Strengthening the youth sector is our second Belong aim.

In 2018, we funded A Place To Belong, research by UK Youth that aimed to find out more about youth workers’ perspectives on loneliness and what could help them do more to identify and tackle it. Read what we learned on this blog. 

This work has since informed much of our support for the youth sector. Through our work with government on the Building Connections Fund Youth strand, we’ve partnered with UK Youth and the National Youth Partnership, led by our Belong partner Youth Focus: North East, to create resources and networks to help youth workers get better at identifying and tackling loneliness. 

Read what our partners have achieved. 

In addition, the social sector think tank consultancy NPC has been assessing the impact our Building Connections Fund through a developmental evaluation. We recommend that Funders and youth organisations read their final evaluation, reflections and top tips for remote youth work.  

Quick links

  • Tackling Youth Loneliness – resources to help professionals working with young people identify and tackle youth loneliness with greater confidence
  • Belong Collective – read more about how this group is building collaborative working across the youth sector
  • NPC evaluation – Two part evaluation into the Building Connections Fund
  • NPC Reflections – Reflections from the Building Connections Fund developmental evaluation 
  • NPC Top Tips – tips to help projects working remotely tackle youth loneliness. Work is informed by evaluation of our Building Connections Fund