Proud to help Co-op Members show solidarity with Ukraine

Donations to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal ended at midnight on 31 August 2022. Any donations made via Member Rewards after this time will go directly to Co-op Foundation. 

Co-op Foundation is proud to be Co-op’s charity and we’re proud to share the values that make the co-operative movement the powerful entity that it is today. 

This is why from today, Wednesday 23 March, we’re partnering with Co-op once more to stand in solidarity with people affected by war in Ukraine. 

This partnership will see us enable Co-op Members to give their Member Rewards to the Disasters and Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal by donating in app or on the Co-op website

Member Reward funds will be directed through the Foundation and we’ll pledge the value of all donations to DEC.  

This will help their charities in Ukraine and neighbouring countries provide vital support like food and water, healthcare and shelter where it is needed most. 

If you are a Co-op Member like me, I hope you will be able to give today. Thank you in advance for all your support. 

Humanitarian issue 

Like many Co-op Members, I’ve been deeply affected by the scenes from Ukraine over the past few weeks. Families have been separated, people have been injured, and lives have been lost.  

It has brought me relief to know DEC charities are on the ground making a positive difference to people’s lives, including: 

  • 6,000 volunteers have been recruited in the 280 local Red Cross branches and 12,000 people have been trained in first aid 
  • 90,000 food parcels have been provided for people on the move and food and necessities to 7,000 people who sought shelter at metro stations in Kyiv. 
  • Provided 2.5 tons of insulin in Odessa and Dniproptrovsk and surgical materials to hospitals in Kyiv 
  • Rebuilt water infrastructure, especially in the east of Ukraine 

Wanting to do more 

Co-op stands with people affected by the war in Ukraine and it’s incredible to know that Members, colleagues and customers have raised more than £900,000 in the past two weeks alone.  

Here at the Co-op Foundation we wanted to do more, too. 

That’s why we’re helping through our Member Rewards pledge. We’re stronger when we work together and I hope our joint efforts will help those who have no food, no shelter and no idea what the future will hold.  

In addition to donating your Rewards, Co-op Members and customers can still donate at tills in-store or by texting COOP to 70150. All text donations are to the value of £10 plus standard network charge. 

Help us spread the word 

It is up to us to come together and co-operate for a fairer world. Please spread the word to other Members about this way of helping those affected by the war in Ukraine.  

I urge Co-op members to give what you can today to help tackle the desperate situation Ukrainians are facing. 

Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with our work in communities all over the UK. 

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