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Wednesday 4 July 2018

Click on the icons in our interactive presentation to see how our values shape the way we work and the difference we make, with examples of what this means in practice. Use the home icon to return to our #ValuesInAction summary at any time.

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In our final blog for Co-operatives Fortnight 2018, we look at how putting our values into action adds up to our #coopdifference …

Co-ops across the UK have been using Co-operatives Fortnight 2018 to talk about their #coopdifference.

We’ve heard stories from Argentina – where Co-op is partnering with La Riojana co-operative to build new water facilities – as well as from the UK, where Co-op’s Local Community Fund is empowering local people and supporting local co-operatives. We’ve also learned how co-operative principles are helping to build stronger and more resilient businesses courtesy of the Co-op Economy 2018 report.

At Co-op Foundation, we’ve used Co-operatives Fortnight to tell the story of how our work – and our impact – is guided by the same set of values that unite millions of co-ops worldwide.

Through a series of blogs we’ve looked at how:

As part of our commitment to championing the co-op difference, we’ve created a new interactive presentation to showcase our values in action (see above). Click on each of the icons to read what our values mean to us, the specific commitments we have made to use this throughout our work and check out some real-life examples of what this means for our local communities.

We wish to thank Co-operatives UK for their support in developing our values framework and leave the last word to Shelagh Everett, Associate of Co-operatives UK, who says:

“Co-operatives UK has been delighted to support the Co-op Foundation to develop its Co-op Values Framework and bring the co-operative difference to life. The Co-op Foundation is a great example of how different types of organisation that support co-operation can use international co-op values to shape and guide their work while also staying true to their purpose and mission.”

Have any questions on our values or how we use them? Talk to us on Twitter or leave a comment below.

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