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“So much more human” – emergency responses and everyday relationships

Blog: This week the Co-op Foundation team and a group of our Trustees visited 42nd Street’s impressive youth space, ‘The Horsfall’ in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

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Youth workers – what would help you do more to tackle loneliness?

Blog: Loneliness can affect us at any time of life, and young people are no exception. Almost one in three 16 to 24-year olds say they are ‘often’ or ‘always’ lonely.

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How ‘Brazen’ young women are beating loneliness

Blog: This International Women’s Day, we’re thinking about how loneliness affects girls and young women, and looking at ways they are finding connection and belonging.

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‘We’re like a family really’ – finding a sense of belonging

Blog: Hamza is from Rochdale. He’s 18. He’s studying catering at college, and dreams of one day running his own business. He also has a severe hearing impairment.

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Youth loneliness – who are the ‘one in three’?

Blog: A ‘silent plague’. An ‘epidemic’ that affects young people more than any other group. These headlines from the past few years show that the evidence has been there for some time – youth  loneliness exists, and on a large scale.

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Big days and small actions

Blog: Delicious festive food in the shops, heartwarming Christmas ads on TV. And we’ve even seen some snow! No doubt about it, the countdown to the ‘big day’ is well underway.

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