We’re looking for young people to help build this year’s Lonely Not Alone campaign

We’re searching for young people aged 13 to 22 years old to help us develop year three of our Lonely Not Alone campaign so we can make it bigger, better, bolder and brighter than ever. 

All applicants will initially need to be available to meet over Zoom from Monday 12 to Saturday 17 April. And because it’s online young people can apply from anywhere in the UK! Our campaign partners at Effervescent can loan some technology if needed. 

We’re particularly looking for young people who’ve felt lonely in the past and who want to use creative ideas to make a real difference to their friends and peers. 

Please share this opportunity with young people and encourage them to apply online before 9pm on Wednesday 16 March. We cannot wait to hear from them. 

What is Lonely Not Alone? 

Lonely Not Alone is our campaign to break down the stigma of youth loneliness by helping young people become more confident talking about the problem and take action to address it in themselves and others. 

We first launched in 2019 with nine young people meeting in Manchester to plan out what we could do. They decided to use yellow socks as their symbol of solidarity. They said yellow socks were a ray of hope when they felt lonely and that, by wearing them, you were showing that you cared about others. 

Over the past two years, almost 70 young people have helped to develop our campaign, design adverts and speak out about loneliness on BBC and Sky TV, and to government.


Our research shows that only 36% of young people feel confident talking about loneliness and even fewer (23%) think society takes the problem seriously. We want Lonely Not Alone to help to combat this so young people can overcome loneliness and stigma and improve their own mental wellbeing. 

And we know it really helps those who design our campaign each year: 

Dani, now 20, volunteered in 2019 and has since been employed by Effervescent. She said: “Lonely Not Alone built my confidence up massively – especially the workshops. Feeling really vulnerable – but okay in that vulnerability – has been positive. Being surrounded by people who understand how I felt was so good for me. It’s nice creating work that has a real purpose and that will make a positive contribution to other people.” 

Now watch Elorm, 17, from Salford, explain why Lonely Not Alone feels like a family. 

Next steps 

We’re delighted that by working online this year we can accept applications from young people all over the UK. 

Share this opportunity with anyone you think may be interested asap and encourage them to apply  

Please note, this is a volunteer role. Young people aged under 18 will need parental consent and we will be looking for a mix of backgrounds and experiences from final successful applicants.

Lonely Not Alone will launch later in 2021 and our co-designers typically continue to meet and chat through to the autumn to build on their April ideas. 

More info for young people 

More info for youth workers and teachers 

More info for parents/guardians 

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