Sophie Beresford

Campaign Manager

It’s time to talk about mental wellbeing

This Time to Talk Day, we’re sharing why the campaign is important to us and why we will continue to focus on mental wellbeing through our new campaign work

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A new campaign strategy: tackling issues that put our vision at risk 

Read more about our new campaign strategy and how we will work with others to build future fair and co-operative communities

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Learn how to campaign with young people – and why it’s important 

Catch up on our webinar where we shared everything we learned through our first youth-led behaviour change campaign

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Sharing our learning from our first ever campaign

Join us on 11 October as we share our learning, success and challenges from the past five years of Lonely Not Alone

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Lonely Not Alone 2023 launches today 

Join us in marking the fifth and final year of our youth-led campaign to tackle the stigma of youth loneliness. Can you help us create a lasting legacy?

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Lonely Not Alone 2023 launches this June! 

Our youth-led campaign to tackle the stigma of youth loneliness will launch this June during Loneliness Awareness Week. Find out what you can expect and how you can support us. 

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Creating a long-lasting legacy for change

We brought together nine young co-designers from across the lifespan of the campaign one last time for a weekend of reflection and celebration in Manchester.

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We can all help lonely young people this World Kindness Day 

This World Kindness Day we’re celebrating the amazing things young people do to support each other, and sharing how we can all help lonely young people through Lonely Not Alone.

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Young people might be lonely, but they’re not alone 

Our annual Lonely Not Alone campaign is helping young people share stories of loneliness and messages of support to tackle stigma.

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Lonely Not Alone returns on 5 October, and here’s how you can help 

It’s going to be a huge year for Lonely Not Alone and you’ve got a chance to be part of it.

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Sharing tips on how to tackle youth loneliness 

Youth loneliness can have a negative impact on young people’s mental wellbeing. That is why we wanted to share some tips, as suggested by young people on our Lonely Not Alone universe, to help reduce feelings of loneliness this Mental Health Awareness Week.

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